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♥Healing from the Heart ♥

Isn't it time to take a risk...to break out...and break through - to heal all the old issues that have been plaguing you? Let me help you along your journey to healing and awakening. Allow me to assist you in healing all areas of your life:  health, career, finances, relationships & spirituality. With the help of Spirit, my guides, teachers and angels, I channel powerful yet gentle energy and healing through my hands and my voice and through the use of table tipping.  I will not only guide you in healing your mind, body, emotions & spirit, I am also dedicated to helping you learn to be your own teacher and healer.  I am here to help you to let go of old patterns of pain, negativity, self-sabotage; feelings of lack, undeservedness and imbalance and to release physical and emotional pain and to open the door (or further that opening) to your true healing and life/soul purpose.  I also offer "essence healing," offered as distance and in-office healing.  I also use essence healing to "charge" or imbue personal items (crystals, metal or wooden items, etc.) with specific energies for abundance, love, health, empowerment, etc.

I use a variety of powerful modalities to help you in your healing process.  Find out more about the services I offer as you look further through these web pages and don't forget to check out the information about tabIe tipping - it's truly amazing and one of my favorite things to do. I have over 25 years of experience in the healing arts and will use every bit of it to help you to heal, awaken and truly, truly live!!  It's about time, isn't it??


So, here you are the caterpillar wanting to heal...change...awaken...transform. You have had enough of your old patterns, but you don't know where to start. I can help you to...


form your cocoon which will protect & house you as you prepare for your metamorphosis into...


a beautiful butterfly! This is who you are. This is your beauty. And it's already there. You simply need to discover it within. Let me help you make the change.